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Smart People .

Smart People

A smart Government is characterized by efficient internal management of public services and a high degree of interaction with the citizen, affordable through the use of information and communication technologies.

The Citizen Service is a priority of the Municipal Government Team. A goal which results in this case in a new window on the citizen through the use of mobile applications, which will bring to the Local Administration, much more effectively and quickly, needs, suggestions, and deficiencies identified by the neighbors, at the same time to be identified, and sometimes without moving from their homes.

With just a few simple operations, the municipality can count on a new form of costumer service which is born in order to streamline and facilitate, and thus resolve, the observations of the citizens once they reach the mailbox, transmitting immediately to the Department to which it relates. This tool serves as a field work to detect the main observations of taxpayers and thus implement the most suitable solution in each case.

In MARWEN INGENIERÍA we provide solutions in the field of telecommunications, through the implementation of an application that is installed on mobile phones, through which citizens can carry out procedures, reports and complaints. This application available 24 hours, could be configured with different options of complaints, attention, and information to citizens. The aim is to address citizen complaints quickly without having to go to the municipal offices.

Some of the areas where this tool can be implemented may be the following:

  • Roadway System
  • Water Supply
  • Lighting
  • Cleaning and waste
  • Green areas


  • Optimizing the management of municipal services.
  • Facilitating citizens to improve their environment.
  • A tool for contact with different sections of the town hall

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