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Smart Mobility .

Smart MobilityThe introduction of electric vehicles presents clear advantages from the point of view of cities, under its capacity to meet the current demands of urban mobility in a way more efficient and sustainable in terms of energy consumption and without recourse in negative externalities such as those that currently generate conventional vehicles based on petroleum-based fuels such as emissions and noise pollution.

The comprehensive strategy designed to boost the electric vehicle, marked as main objective to facilitate the introduction of electric vehicles, for which it is necessary to implement measures in the urban area which, articulated mainly by the city councils  encourage these vehicles compared  to conventional vehicles.

Among these measures is the existence of networks of electric charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. So to produce that impulse, the municipalities need to be involved and be active agents of the measures of promotion of electric vehicles.

MARWEN INGENIERÍA advises local authorities in the design and implementation of electric charging infrastructure necessary to promote the use of electric vehicles, in favor of a more efficient and clean city.

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