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Smart Green .

Smart Green

The environment as a whole, is one of the most influential in humans aspects. In the last century, globalization has contributed to that not all people are socially aware of this importance and the degree to which we cherish all that surrounds us.

The increase in the emission of greenhouse gases produced by people, factories and vehicles are causing major climate changes. The latest data dumped by NASA and the UN reflect a very encouraging trend: for every degree Celsius of global warming further, the drinking water resources decrease by 20% or what is the same, 7% of the world population not have access to this vital resource.

MARWEN INGENIERÍA has in its hands the solutions needed to manage these vicissitudes. Through measures leading to efficient water use, optimization of urban waste and reading different atmospheric parameters municipal entities actively collaborate with designing a plan of action that gets alleviate the harmful effect we are having on the environment and also contribute to a more committed to global sustainability society.


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