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Smart Energy .

Smart Energy

As a result of increased energy demand and depletion of conventional fuels comes the need to properly manage this increasingly scarce resource. It is therefore a priority to establish patterns of rational and privately controlled consumption and, of course, emphasized in the public domain.

Contribute to efficient and clean city is the responsibility of all. MARWEN INGENIERÍA, channeling their concern for the environment and sustainable development, designed the Smart Energy Service for control and energy management. Through sensors installed at strategic points of the city center collect, store and analyze the different consumption, electrical charges and other energy costs in real time, and then to implement a series of measures to improve energy efficiency in the city.

To achieve a more efficient and sustainable world requires that all entities operating in society involved with this project and understand the importance of controlled use of energy for our lives. Together we can make a cleaner, more efficient, sustainable city, leading to improved quality of life for city residents.

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