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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an innovation and competitive advantage based on commitment to society and the environment. CSR establishes a new covenant between business and society, which lays the foundation for sustainable, inclusive, harmonious and respectful of human and social values ​​economic growth.

The social responsibility of business is also strict compliance with existing legal obligations, voluntary integration in their government and management, strategy, policies and procedures, social concerns of environmental, labor, and respect for human rights arising from the relationship and open dialogue with its stakeholders.

Interest groups or "stakeholders" are entities or individuals which may significantly affect the activities, products or services of an organization; in turn, the actions of these individuals or entities may relate in part to the ability of the organization to successfully implement its strategies and achieve its objectives.

The adoption of socially responsible actions, gradually brings a number of benefits to the company and the increased productivity of staff employed, increasing the stability of the workforce, increasing the number of customers / consumers and greater loyalty same, improved company image, reduced costs for absenteeism, employee motivation ... staff. In short, more profit, more competitive and cost reduction.

Marwen Ingeniería offers its customers various services through which can provide various tools that can be implanted in the internal management of companies to get them to develop their business in a responsible and sustainable manner:

  • Analysis and Diagnosis RSC.
  • Sustainability Reporting.
  • Codes of Conduct.
  • Action Plans.
  • Implementation of CSR management systems. 

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