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Renewable Energies .

Renewable EnergiesDuring the last years we attended to a revival of the renewable energies pushed by the costs of fossil fuels and their less encouraging future caused by the massive exploitation of them.

Renewable energies originate from clean, exhaustless resources and most of them can be used indefinitely both on a particular and on an industrial level.

These energies don't contribute to the green-house-effect and don't produce waste. They favour the self-supply, strengthen the energetic independency, push the creation of employment and are accessible for everyone.

More and more we become aware of the fact that the future lies in renewable energies which will play a decisive role in our society as it is already happening in the rest of Europe.

There are different types of renewable energies: amongst others solar energy, wind energy, hydraulics and biomass.

MARWEN INGENIERÍA supports renewable energies realizing engineering projects about photovoltaic solar energy, thermal solar energy, biomass and solid biofuels, biodiesel and microgeneration.

In the same way MARWEN INGENIERÍA manages all formalities needed for the public as well as for the autonomic subventions which are conceded by the administration, gaining the strongest party this way.