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Politics of Social .

Politics of SocialRespect towards the ethics, the people and the communities

Besides inculcating respect towards the environment and the use of renewable energies and promoting sustainability by energy saving and energy efficiency, MARWEN Ingeniería commits itself to:

To appropriate parts of its annual benefits to activities with a social character, in order to participate in projects like:

  • Economic development of less developed countries. By using our technical measures and our human resources we intend to inculcate our experience of engineering projects in order to provide it for those regions with less developed infrastructure so that they can activate their economic development
  • Renewable energies

  • Energy conservation and energy efficiency
  • Business and market development ...

We care for the conservation of the environment and it is our aim to implicate the society and let them participate in the improvement of our surrounding area. Therefore we realize activities of sensitisation and environmental education like:

  • Activities of cleaning, conservation and development of natural surroundings
  • Environmental conferences, courses and meetings

  • Projects of conservation of nature


  • We support equality and social integration participating in.
  • Conferences, courses and meetings for the integration of people in the working world.

  • Activities of education for people with mental or physical disease.
  • Promote the participation of other companies in the social development.

The current politics of social development constitutes the reference-scope of the establishment of concreter objectives which guarantee a continual improvement.

Jaén, 1 st July 2008