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Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (EVO) .

Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (EVO) Marwen staff has approved the certification of energy savings according to the International Protocol IPMVP MEASUREMENT AND VERIFICATION (Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) protocol is recognized worldwide as a method of evaluating the energy savings achieved in efficiency measures, efficient management water and renewable energy.

The certificate enables Marwen CMVP to develop and implement Action Plans and Verification of Energy Savings and verify by third parties. The protocol has advantages as the justification of payments performance, offering proven savings, reduce costs associated with the development of energy performance contracts as well as give international credibility to the reports of energy savings.

Purpose of Measurement and Verification:

  • Increase energy savings.
  • Reference for making payments.
  • Improve efficiency project financing.
  • Improved design, operation and maintenance of facilities.
  • Management of energy expenditure budgets.
  • Improved credit value of emissions reductions.

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