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Mission, Visión and qualities .

Mission, Visión and qualitiesMISSION

We intend to satisfy our client´s necessities and to offer service on a high level with respect towards the environment. To our employees we give the opportunity of a professional development. All that leads to a maximum of efficiency of our company.



To be an engineering office with references, responsibility, efficiency, environmental engagement and with the capability to compete worldwide.


  • ORIENTATION ON THE CLIENT: to offer you the best service performance .
  • INTEREST IN THE PERSONNEL: to create an optimal working ambience and to guarantee the opportunity of development.
  • INNOVATION: we aim for a continuing development and the innovation in order to improve our work.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: our work bases on the criteria of social, economical and environmental sustainability.
  • RESULTS: We set us objectives and plans in order to obtain an increasing and sustainable development.
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: we are in permanent contact with the society which gives us the chance to know what the necessaries are and how we can help and satisfy them. In this way we destine our benefits to social action.