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Marwenlab R+D+i .

Marwenlab R+D+iResearch and technological development are considered in Marwen as essential aspects to optimize the quality of our projects and satisfy our customer needs.

Marwen has a department of research and development on new projects to improve our services and business competitiveness, both nationally and internationally, and based on our main priorities: Energy, Transport and Environment.


These projects are framed in National and European Plans and Programmes, among others:

  • European Programs of Research, Development and Innovation (Framework Program for I+D and Program for Competitiveness and Innovation, CIP 2007-2013).
  • National Plan R+D+i, with their national Programs and Strategic Actions.
  • Autonomous R+D+i Plans.

Fruit of the importance of this department we have expanded our facilities in the Technology Park GEOLIT creating Marwenlab, our laboratory of ideas to keep betting on a bright future for the company.

Marwenlab R+D+iMarwenlab R+D+i

Some of our projects are: