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Local Action Plan to Combat Climate Change .

Local Action Plan to Combat Climate Change

A Local Action Plan on Climate Change is a document drafted by any administration of municipal areas (local authorities), supra (county councils, associations, etc.) and / or regional, by a competent technician cabinet specialists in the field, which responds to the pressing need to mitigate the effects of climate change, especially regarding the greenhouse gases (such as CO2, N2O, CH4, etc.) that are generated in urban areas and / or the municipality, thereby complying with a number of international commitments.
A Local Action Plan on Climate Change, will facilitate and provide continuous assistance to all governments and interested organizations-public and private, at all levels, to assess the impacts of climate change in the municipality, in the area / system of interest, providing knowledge, elements, tools and assessment methods available, in order to promote participatory processes among all stakeholders leading to the definition of the best options for adaptation to climate change. Ultimately, the integration of adaptation to climate change in the planning of the different sectors and / or systems, that can be considered as fundamental and strategic actors within the municipality pursued.
At the same time, with the core objective of implementing and developing the commitments -a any level of any country that has gained in the international context of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) or one in which you have subscribed.
This document provides, from a technical standpoint specialized measures, courses of action and any action it deems appropriate for the successful achievement of the objectives set in a clearly defined socioeconomic and time horizon.
In this sense, the technical team of MARWEN ENGINEERING advises public bodies in different actions to mitigate climate change, the most sued:
Generation of options for coordinating local climate change policies and their integration with other policy areas.
  • Choosing the most efficient methodology for the development of policies on climate change at the local level, taking into account all phases of the project, always under the umbrella of the quality guaranteed by ISO 9001 in which we are certified.
  • Advice to those involved (politicians, technicians) responsible for policy making and monitoring the plan, adapting to the reality of the municipality own local agents.
  • Preparation of reports and studies on technical measures for GHG reduction or mitigation in the diffuse sectors as well as adaptation measures in line with the climate vulnerability of the municipality.

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