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iRseTool to develop Sustainability Reports

What is a sustainability report?

A sustainability report is a document prepared by a company that describes its activities and results in the economic , environmental and social.

The aim of these reports is to incorporate the contribution a company makes to sustainable development , in order to inform all interested parties.
The project consists of the development leaving a software tool designed to help prepare sustainability reports according to standard marked by "Global Reporting Initiative " now " GRI ".

What are the benefits?

Facilitates data collection. It is a useful way to get indicators monitored economic, social , environmental, etc.. It allows you to see trends and make strategic decisions. Improved relations with stakeholders.

Encourages internal communication. On display data memory belonging to different areas or sections, that allow us to understand the specific situation of each and improve communication between them.

Detects future risks. It can identify potential trouble spots in your production processes and / or communication channels , making it possible to implement preventive measures.

Improved company image. They show all the stakeholders and society at large , the contributions that the company is making in the field of social and environmental sustainability.

Maintaining communication channels