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i-sostenibilidad .

i-sostenibilidadi-sostenibilidad is a software for calculating the CO2 emissions generated by a municipality , from which defines an Environmental Sustainability Indicator assesses the impact , the municipality under study, on the environment .

The software consists of a technological development applied to municipalities as a result offering an analysis report CO2 emissions for each sector and its comparison with national benchmarks and the total emission indicator municipality. This indicator reflects quantitatively, in tonnes of CO2 equivalent and qualitatively , through a " sustainability label " which allows the municipality to identify their sustainability compared to other municipalities.

Finally, note that the program incorporates a monitoring phase by issuing an Annual Report of Changes Environmental that identifies the evolution of the indicator and emission reduction achieved in time.

With the new technological tool is achieved :

  • Assess the environmental impact of certain sectors and activities , such as transport , energy consumption, waste generation , water consumption , etc. . in a municipality.
  • Raise awareness and promote action to mitigate climate change, such as encouraging the use of public transport, energy efficiency and renewable energy use .
  • Knowing the possible policy measures to reduce CO2 emissions in each sector.
  • Having an indicator of environmental sustainability, which is the basis for subsequent environmental monitoring .

Thus, the results obtained with the software are:

  • CO2 Emissions Inventory
  • Environmental sustainability indicator
  • Environmental Progress Report