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Green Purchasing .

Green PurchasingGreen procurement is, in general terms, the consideration of the environmental variable in the decision to purchase a product or service. The establishment of "green procurement" in a firm currently represents an added value, a distinct advantage when contracting with government, whatever the sector to which it belongs, ie, green procurement is a set initiatives that institutions, public and private, conducted for improving internal environmental performance.

Green shopping is the new term that encompasses both the purchase of more environmentally friendly as the procurement of works and services under environmental criteria, with a view to promote changes in economic sectors and products work patterns. The term green shopping is a different way to call the set of initiatives that the government and other entities conducted to improve internal environmental performance. Marwen Ingeniería, advises and adapts the new habit in business as it believes that enhance green procurement is important because it improves efficiency, quality of life of the community, environmental awareness and obtaining higher levels of sustainability.

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