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Equipment .

EquipmentThe company has a wide range of technical means to carry out the implementation of their projects. Among them are:

  • ELECTRICAL NETWORK ANALYZER: measurement of the main electrical parameters of the system (voltage, current, consumption, reactive power, harmonics ...)
  • GAS COMBUSTION ANALYZER: Measurements of thermal efficiency and flue gases of the main combustion equipment.
  • LUXMETER: Light level measurements.

  • THERMOGRAPHIC CAMERA: thermal testing facilities (equipment, distribution networks, electrical panels and enclosures).

  • ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION MANAGER: Record Instant electricity consumption, with definition of limit values, scheduling time and location of the burdens of increased consumption.

  • TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY PROBE: Temperature and humidity in the working environment.

  • OTHER ELECTRICAL MEASURING EQUIPMENT: clamp meters, multimeters, electrical testers.