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Environmental Responsibility .

Environmental ResponsibilityLaw 26/2007 of October 23, Environmental Responsibility, provides the legal framework for regulating the responsibility of operators to prevent, avoid and remedy environmental damage, always in accordance with the principles of prevention and "polluter pays ". Environmental damage mean damage to habitats and wildlife, water damage, and laugh seashore and land damage.

Following the precautionary principle of this law, obliging operators of activities with greater environmental impact (Annex III of the Act), to have financial security that allows them to cope with environmental responsibility inherent in the activity or activities intend to develop. To quantify such financial guarantee will be required to draw up an environmental risk analysis and economic valuation of the cost of repairing possible damage (RD 2090/2008).

Marwen Ingenieria provides consulting services for the preparation of documents and reports required to comply with current legislation on environmental liability. Specifically advise you on:

  • Drafting Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Economic valuation of repairing possible damage

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