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Energy Certification of Buildings .

Buildings under construction

Energy Certification of Buildings

Marwen Engineering makes an analysis of the energy efficiency of a building, using programs currently recognized: LIDER, CALENER VYP and CALENER GT.

With these programs you get the energy rating of the building, which carries a certified energy label depending on the degree of energy efficiency of the building. This varies from class A, for more energy efficient, class G, for the less efficient.

The certification of energy efficiency in buildings is a requirement of the RD 47/2007, which must comply any building which requests a building permission.

Energy Certification of Buildings

Existing buildings

The Energy Performance Certificate is a document signed by a competent technician that evaluates the energy efficiency of a building (whole building or part thereof) and grants an Energy Label which states the level of energy efficiency rating obtained with a code color sorting properties on a scale that goes from the highest category, the "a" (lower consumption), to the lowest, the "G" (higher consumption).


The Royal Decree 235/2013, of April 5, endorses the basic procedure for certification of energy efficiency of buildings.

The developer or owner of the building, or part thereof, shall be responsible for commissioning the realization of Energy Efficiency Certification and show it to the new tenant or potential buyer and provide the buyer or new tenant.

Utility of this Certificate:

The Energy Performance Certificate gives information to prospective tenants or buyers about the energy performance of the property and includes recommendations on measures to be taken to reduce energy consumption and improve your score.

The elements that determine the energy label for a property are especially bound (quality of walls, windows and doors, and orientation) and air conditioning systems that uses this certificate also reports CO2 emissions.

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