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Energy Audits .

Energy Audits

Marwen Engineering offers an energy assessment service to assess about the potential economic and energy saving in any facility, building and industry. Through an energy audit objectives pursued are:

  • Optimize the procurement of electric power and fuel.
  • Reduce the consumption and energy costs.
  • Mitigating the environment impact and volume of emissions associated with the business tasks.
  • Determine the overall situation and the critical point of the facility.
  • Propose energy efficiency saving measures for the optimization of existing facilities and the incorporation of new technologies and energy diversification.

Marwen Engineering specializes in the PROCESSING OF GRANTS related to the development of energy audits and implementing energy efficiency measures and renewable energies, at regional level (Andalusian Energy Agency) and nationally (IDAE).

If you wish to audit your facilities and identify opportunities for economic and energy savings, contact us.

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