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Energetic Protocol .

ENERGETIC PROTOCOL GRUPO MARWEN CALSAN considers energy as an essential basis of economic sector and a vital part of its business, thus has a vital importance the energy policy within its corporate structure.

Through an Energy Efficiency Plan, aims to reduce energy consumption and thus participate in protecting the environment and its resources. The Plan has two main objectives:

Energy saving and efficiency of its equipment, therefore we have designed a PROTOCOL ENERGY ACTION:

  • Appropriate use of lighting, only at night or on cloudy days.
  • Proper cooling temperature.
  • Turning off computers when they aren’t in use.
  • General Off when no workers in the office.
  • Awareness of the office staff.
  • Using low energy light bulbs in the lighting of our facilities.
  • Energy Management Equipment to inform us of the general office consumption.

Participation in projects of Renewable Energy Production:

  • We have owned property for a 5 kW PV system in the town of Mancha Real (Jaén).

This Energy Policy is the framework for the establishment of specific objectives to ensure continuous improvement.

 Steering Committee Jaén

July 1, 2008