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Ecoinnovation .

EcoinnovationSustainable development and care for the environment connected with the business strategy and business profits.

Eco-innovation is any type of innovation that contributes to sustainable development by reducing environmental impact and optimizing the use of resources. In terms of innovation, eco-innovation refers to the creation of products and processes that reduce environmental degradation. From the economic point of view, looking for eco-innovation companies to make proper use of natural resources to improve human welfare.

Eco-innovation by optimizing every stage of production is sought through changing patterns of production and consumption, trying to make efficient use of natural resources through the analysis of its life cycle, as well as the application of new management methods in business to avoid or minimize environmental damage.

Marwen Ingeniería provides consulting services in ECO-INNOVATION, focused on three areas that encompass: the design / redesign of new products and services (eco-design), optimization of production processes and improved business management procedures.