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BREEAM certified sustainable buildings .

BREEAM certified sustainable buildings

BREEAM® Spain is the result of adapting the British certificate BREEAM®, with over 20 years in the market, the nature and characteristics of the construction regulations made in España.El certificate evaluates impacts in 10 categories (management, health and wellness, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, ecological land use, pollution and innovation) and gives a final score that serves both reference and technical guide for more sustainable construction during both design and implementation phases and maintenance.
Some characteristics of the process are:

  • Assessments of buildings are performed by trained and authorized by BREEAM® Advisors ES according to the UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17024
  • The decision to certify a building should be taken with the first performance of promotion or intervention in a building; since that time, a BREEAM® Advisory accompany the process of evaluation and certification
  • The Adviser will register the project as a candidate for certification, will conduct a pre-assessment and define the strategy to optimize the result
  • Starting from the pre-assessment, accompanied by documentary evidence contained in a report of the Advisory both during project implementation and chooses the certificate BREEAM®
  • The issuance of the certificate with the final score results from the assessment report submitted to the Advisory BREEAM® with the results and dossier of evidence for each of the requirements
  • BREEAM® ES checks the work of the Advisory and provides an overall rating with the final ranking facilitate formal certificate Customer

Marwen provides customer experience accredited advisers in both New Construction scheme and in the In Use for existing buildings. It also participates in the Committee of Scheme BREEAM ES (responsible for the proper development and maintenance of personnel certification scheme advisor), and the ES BREEAM Certification Committee (responsible for certified personnel consultant). Also involved in the Panel of Experts in the areas of knowledge Energy Efficiency Technologies B0C (renewable), Artificial Lighting and Experience in development of formations.

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