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MARWENformación open your virtual classroom

28 August 2019 Energy Efficienfy

MARWEN Ingeniería is committed to sustainable development and that is why it is launching a training CAMPUS to improve the skills of those people who think like us and who give importance to improving their environment, and ultimately, the world in The one we live

The virtual classroom of MARWENformación is formed by courses that offer knowledge of the environment, energy and sustainability, aimed at students, graduates or technicians who are interested in the fight against climate change. Since a number of trained professionals with specific training in these sectors is necessary.

This project is made up of a set of courses in matters of energy and environmental management to achieve greater sustainability, in online mode, of 100 hours through a virtual campus.

Some of our courses are:

In this interactive way the course can be followed more easily, as well as interact with the rest of the students and teachers of the program quickly and comfortably. It will be evaluated continuously through questionnaires of each module and / or a final project to obtain the certificate that certifies the passing of the course.

MARWEN Ingeniería is committed to a sustainable future, training professionals who dedicate themselves to take care of our world, with the best skills.


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