23 October 2019 Energy Efficienfy

MARWEN Ingeniería strengthens its presence in Paraguay through strategic collaboration with the local company COPAEE, Paraguayan Energy Efficiency Company. This collaborative project starts a virtual training classroom, with the aim of adding value to local technicians, in terms of energy and environmental management, as well as energy efficiency and improving the conditions for the search for a Greater sustainability.

COPAEE is a Paraguayan energy consultant that aims to improve the qualification of its country's technicians in matters of energy sustainability, in addition to advising companies and public administrations on these issues.

Within this collaborative strategy, energy management and energy efficiency are the pillars for its development. The virtual classroom of MARWEN Ingeniería and COPAEE is formed by a set of specialization courses aimed at students, graduates or technicians who are interested in improving their knowledge. We understand that a large number of trained professionals, and with specific training, on the issues of climate change and sustainability are necessary, for all of us to continue working on the maintenance and improvement of the world in which we live. On the other hand, we intend to bring our knowledge from a professional experience perspective and not so much from the academic one. .

MARWEN Ingeniería works for sustainable development and strives to leave a positive mark on its environment, always respecting the environment and using the endogenous resources of its area.

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