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Transfer of knowledge from professional experience to the educational environment

The Marwen Ingeniería training project is an action aimed at transferring knowledge about the environment, energy and sustainability, from the professional field to the educational world. In this way, it seeks to cover the existing need for practical content in these matters, since professional reality is sometimes removed from the educational world. Therefore, it is a program aimed at: graduates, students, technicians and all those with special interest in the fight against climate change.

Thus, the fundamental objective is the transition from academic concepts to professional projects, so that adequate technical training is achieved for the fight against climate change and the environmental and sustainability challenges facing the current world.

This project is part of a current situation of growing concern about the changes that the world is experiencing, in terms of sustainability and climate change.

Therefore, it is necessary to have trained professionals with specific training in these sectors, so that the effects associated with autonomy can be tackled and mitigated from the global framework comprising regions with potential damages due to its geographical, climatic and sociological characteristics.


The training offer that makes up the project includes a wide variety of courses and training programs in the areas of management of energy and environment in terms of efficiency and improved conditions for greater sustainability , from varied areas ranging from public administrations to private companies.