16 April 2019 Energy Efficienfy

Marwen Ingeniería, in our effort to make the world a more sustainable place, we continue with the training of specialized personnel in the field of Energy Efficiency.

Our last performance has taken us to Madrid, to the headquarters of AENOR, where we have taught the course "Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector" on 8 and 9 April. The course has been face-to-face, has been focused on energy efficiency in the industrial sector and, apart from theory, practical cases have been developed in the industrial sector, calculating saving measures and seeing different techniques such as telemanagement, thermography, curve analysis , among other.

The objectives addressed in this training were aimed at:

  • Describe the main energy consuming equipment and processes
  • Analyze the energy saving potential by applying the best available techniques in each case
  • Establish the basics for calculating savings
  • Understand the energetic implications of the main technologies in thermal and electrical systems
  • Know the best available techniques to encourage the efficient use of energy
  • Detail the fundamental parameters and the main concepts related to lighting, as well as their energetic implications
  • Review the energy implications of energy consuming systems

From Marwen Ingeniería we continue working to keep abreast of the latest technologies and developments in energy efficiency and sharing our knowledge to train those who want to develop their professional future in this sector.

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